Outfits from the Beginning of my First Trimester

Outfits from the Beginning of my First Trimester

I love that scene in Hook, where the lost boys get into a food fight with Peter Pan with their imaginative food, and when one of those lost boys scrape that food off Peter’s face, he says, “Its you, Peter!”

I am getting to know myself, what qualities I have and what qualities are in embryo.  I am working on developing patience, meekness, self confidence and self-control.  I am determined, brave and mostly happy, naturally.  I like to share pieces of this process here and there as I get or make time to.

But one gift I have had since I was a little girl, was the gift of being able to have an innate sense of what my own style is, and a desire to adorn my body with modesty, atleast, the portion of modesty that includes covering one’s temple of a body sufficiently as to not induce physical stirrings with in others.  Lastly I have innately and an aspect I continue to work on, a desire to please the Lord not man in the way I dress, which comes with a price of sacrificing some style and social normality, but for me, this is essential for a deep and abiding inner peace.  I am still working on gaining modesty sufficient unto the Lord in all aspects of what modesty should be.

In the light of these gifts and my natural love for clothing, beauty and adornment shared by many women,  I’ve had a dream to share my pregnancy outfits with others.  At six months, I have hesitated in this.  I have felt it was silly and that there are far more weightier matters that I could share.

But in the end, I feel that my gift of knowing my own style and beautifying myself to an appropriate degree, and my deep desires to cloak my temple devoid of lust and a plenty with bringing refreshment and joy as others look upon me, is one that could refresh you and inspire you in the beautifying of your own temples.

Because this is fun and invigorating for me, I feel that it is worth sharing at the expense of your feeling that this is a main priority for me, when it is literally a very side aspect of my days.  Yes I get dressed every day, but shop very occasionally, and sew even less, just on that occasion I find myself somehow sitting by my machine, somehow stealing a moment for me.  I usually take clothing already sewn and modify it because though it would be my dream to create every outfit from scratch with every fabric, form and detail, “Emily-ish” that will have to wait till the hereafter.  And besides, after reading Olivia’s article, I concur that I owe it to myself to share the gifts God gave me.

I do wish I could capture just what the Lord would want of me from what matters most in my life.  But for now those moments are reserved for my own journal and memories.

And here is a single aspect of who I am, what I choose to wear:

Obviously as a mother, a lot of what I choose is simple and practical.  But I hope still refreshing and pretty.

Here are some pictures of my first trimester:








I got this nice long plaid shirt when it was on sale for a dollar at my thrift store and the skirt at 3.

I like the sleeves because they cover enough of the arm and this can be worn obviously after pregnancy which is a quality I like in clothing, items that can be worn in atleast 2 seasons (normal, first trimester, or second and third trimester.)








We made a may pole for my daughter’s sixth birthday; it took quite an exercise in patience and we yelled back and forth at eachother figuring it out, unfortunately.  But it was a real joy once we figured it out.










I know it…you can barely see my bump!  But at this point, you start seeing your bump so its nice to accommodate it with something you feel cute in.
























And how satisfying to look up and see our work for Fairy Princess, Hoppity and our sweet birthday guest~!


And here is another, this shirt  I got at Khol’s on sale last year for 10 dollars; it has an empire waist and is looser about the abdomen, but obviously slimming in black.  Again, I like it pre and post pregnancy.  The skirt was 1 dollar from our thrift store, and not new to this pregnancy.  It is a sort of shirred summer sleeveless dress that last year I bought, and inserted a wide loose pregnancy wide elastic to the top.  It is a comfortable skirt for normal wear, and first trimester, as well as fresh post baby (a stage of its own.)


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  1. one of my favorite maternity items that you gave me 2 years ago is a long skirt that you made. Its blue, and has a fun flair and detail at the bottom. So comfy and cute! Thank you! (I wore it with a long sweater to the General conference session we attended and ended up wearing it all weekend cuz it was so comfy!)

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