Modest Maternity: First Trimester, pants and modified shirt

Modest Maternity: First Trimester, pants and modified shirt


Ok, what I want to show off here, is this 1 dollar shirt that I modified a bit.

First, a bit on sleeves.  This long one was made short by me, because it was summer.  Ever since my Mennonite friend pointed out sleeve length, I’ve realized how sexy that upper curvy portion of the arm is, and have been more particular in finding a short sleeve that isn’t so capped.  I have found two clever ways to deal with this, as many short sleeves are really quite short.  One is making your own sleeve length by cutting off a long sleeve and hemming it as shown here, and the other is finding a larger shirt which naturally comes with it a longer short sleeve, and simply sewing in the seams to fit, up the sides and on the arm; are two quick ways to create a sleeve that feels nicely modest on the arms!























I just sewed the bottom cuff to the part of the arm I wanted, and did a little tie to accommodate the extra material.  I may have sewn a bit of elastic in there too think I did.

























Uh-oh, the elastic piece I put in to give the shirt a bit more shape and less frump…is crooked slightly!  I can’t always bother to be a perfectionist!








In the 80′s we wore stretch pants, in the 90′s we showed our mid-drifts, in the early 2,000′s long shirts were back in but then low cut was popular, and now we are back full circle with tight pants.  If you love to be in style, I think tight pants are very tasteful with a shirt or dress that covers as much as you would be comfortable with wearing without anything under, because tight things show about the same amount of dimples as bare skin.  But covering skin of course is more modest than not, so if covering is your modesty leap, than good for you in that awesome step!

I love feeling classy in my pants and a loose fit feels that way to me; its worth a try to see how you feel!  If you feel awkward and uncomfortable at first, that is natural because feeling chubby is an awful feeling and looseness really does that.  But I encourage you to people watch closely and you may find that chubs don’t look any less that way in tight, and in fact it often draws attention to the problem.  Over loose can chub you up too, and I may be there, but I like to stay on the safe side…God and my husband know the real, hot truth! ;)  Atleast they have more mercy about the situation, that is.

Good luck, and if you are pregnant too, happy pregnancy!  Congratulations!

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  1. Cute shirt, Emily! I really like the color and the elastic detail in the back. I’m so glad you’ve been able to find/modify some clothes to work for your maternity wardrobe. I am sick to death of all of my maternity clothes! I can’t wait to get back to my “real” wardrobe, although that’s a little optimistic, since I’ve gained a little more weight than I would have liked. ;-( I’m 40 weeks along TODAY! Let’s pray this baby comes soon! How are YOU feeling? How far along are you now? Anyhow, thanks for the fun maternity posts. It’s encouraging to see you embrace your cute pregnant self and have fun with your clothes. Have a happy weekend!

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