Gaining from my Children’s Strengths: The Beauty of Give and Take

Gaining from my Children’s Strengths: The Beauty of Give and Take

The other night was quite a magic home schooling moment.  It was my reading history day, and I couldn’t find our history book. So I grabbed a sort of geography book and read about England, which was where our history was taking place.  The story talked about ‘pass-ports’ and before I knew it, the children ran upstairs and got paint palettes, and were making their own pass-ports, after asking to see mine and copying it.

Not only that but they grabbed bags to pack for a trip to England, and they got aboard on the futon while I read, and we looked at our big map on the wall at the places we were traveling too.

We were experiencing an exciting ‘learning tree’ as described by my friend Angel, here, as the children’s adventurous educational expansion ensued, and my mind got busy thinking of other things we could pull in to help the children better visualize the context of the period, which enhanced our learning as poetry, movies and connections began to branch out.  (Some of that was provided right in my book with the paralleled poetry.)

So much imagination and adventure and all’s I did was grab the wrong book!

Then a few days later while on a family walk, I realized what we could do to decorate Baby Bunting’s stocking!  (I make a stocking for each child, and this turns out to be a really wonderful thing when I serve my unborn child, and begin to look forward to meeting them.)  My idea was, we could have Paul Bunyan decorate it with his beautiful medal creations.

The day I asked him to run out to the shop and make a few creations, was a real delight for him.  He had that cute skip to his walk which is his body language for a happy son.

And I was so happy because his creations were absolutely beautiful, and added just the boyish charm I wanted for Bunting’s stocking!
























































This project zipped together in one evening and an hour or two on Saturday, so it wasn’t too overwhelming.

I am thankful for the life my children bring to our home-schooling, family traditions and education.  The blend of a mother creating meaningful routines and traditions, and a child bringing in their talents and strengths is a harmony that is beautiful to create and experience.

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  1. What a wonderful serendipitous moment in time! More than cool! And I love the stocking for Baby Bunting, especially the terrific stuff that Mr PB added–very charming!

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