Modest Maternity: First Trimester, one of my favorite outfits!

Modest Maternity: First Trimester, one of my favorite outfits!

Ha!  This picture won’t go in right!  Leave it to me to not be able to figure it out!  The turn feature isn’t working!

So this is one of my favorite pregnancy outifts.  I love the bloomers, I made them a few years ago and never have had the confidence to sport their adorable pleated bottom peaking out of something.  But when my legs aren’t getting chubby, they aren’t too tight, and then I can feel comfortable about letting them show a bit.  What a tiny cute little bubble I had then.  Wow, I am seriously looking 10 months pregnant at 7 right now!  This was back in the days!  Course then I had some major vertigo, but my garden was therapeutic like no other!  I felt so great when I was outside.  I forgot completely how I felt like I was on an ocean fishing boat.  You better believe I had an awesome garden.














This is my brave fun version with a print that doesn’t match, but a color that does, and a parallel style going on, spunky and happy, and it does help that now a days I see people wearing contrasting prints which gives me the courage to do it….though before it was in style I ached to sport different prints that contrasted.

Now I tell myself if quilts can not match, but match, then so can I!


This shirt was a little baggy in the sleeves, so I believe I took it in at the sides some and I know I took in the sleeves so they wouldn’t be boxes, (that incidentally can be peeked in through if your arms are just soooo….creepy!)  Course I like the sleeve length and the fact that the shirt has give, which is hard to find in cotton…they tend for tight.  Its another reason I like to shop thrift-store.

Brown shirt- Hand me down of many years.

Turquoise Shirt- a bit pricey at 3.99

Tunic- 6 or 7.99–even more pretty pricey for thrift!

and bloomers home made.

(I bought a whole bunch of clothes when I was deciding to get pregnant, at a thrift store- helping myself take a leap of faith that I wanted joyfully to be pregnant, and vowing that this would be the pregnancy at number 6 that I felt mostly cute…but I still do have some outfits I don’t love…guess I wouldn’t be mortal if that weren’t the case! :)  But happy 6th pregnancy to me, I do have more outfits than ever before that are ‘me’ and cute.

P.S.  I do apologize about the wrinkles…I finally have started ironing clothes after so many years, but either this outfit escaped that, or I didn’t do too hot of a job.

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  1. You look darling, Emily! I really love that tunic. The colors are beatiful, and the style is very flattering! I like it with the turquoise shirt, too. And the bloomers–theyare awesome!!! What fun. Hope you’re feeling well these days. You’re getting to the home stretch, aren’t you? Yay! Oh, and I published Lisette’s birth story on my blog. It’s really long, so read it wen you have a few spare minutes (if that ever happens! Ha!) Love ya!

  2. Very cute, the bloomers are adorable on you. And I recognize that plaid! At first I thought it must be from something I once owned, but then when you say that you thrifted it, I’m wondering how I know it! It’s lovely on you!

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