My Modest, and Me-ish Preggie Attire (Modest Maternity for those googlers.)

My Modest, and Me-ish Preggie Attire (Modest Maternity for those googlers.)

Well, I had the goal to wear clothes that were ‘me’ in this pregnancy.  I wanted to enjoy my pregnancy and the changes in my body as never before.  Plus I’d put my husband through school and lived in other’s hand me down bags, and was ready for that small splurge of clothes bought and chosen by me.  (Not that I lived without any splurges before…but atleast now they could be justified.)

In previous pregnancies, I have bemoaned and double bemoaned, the growth of my hips and bum.  I felt I was endowed with a generous portion of these with no need to expand whatsoever, to compensate for the lovely bump.

In the past, I discovered how much skirts truly helped spare me of un-needed body anxt and self hate or frustration, or even unnecessary body resistance.  I found skirts to also be wonderful for after baby came so that I wasn’t frustrated and critical of myself while waiting to ‘fit back into’ my jeans.

(A woman feels she has paid her dues at expanding for 9 months, and it doesn’t cease to be a let down that its not over for 6 months at best to get back to normal…the first one being the initial shock that some changes are life long such as expanded hips or rib cage for baby arrival.)

I wore pants a few times in my pregnancy but also developed some new gripes.  If the belly thing falls under your waist, it gives you that uncomfortable low hanging crotch feeling.  If it stays on, it often constricts the belly and with the tight underwear I have to use, two tight waist bands are an instant no-no.  I did have one perfect pair of black pants that have a belly band that works great, and that don’t get too tight in pregnancy, that I wore.  Other than that, usually I was uncomfortable in some way when I wore pants.  Soooo, I hardly wore them: but here’s what they looked like when I did.











Here’s a Saturday kicking it in the back yard in comfies…watching this cutie enjoy the lawn mower given to his brother by the grandparents.  This elastic waisted skirt made from sweat material works both before pregnancy and during the first trimester.  Worn with a boxy brown 2 dollar from the craft store.








My mother in law gave me this shirred fabric that was simple enough to whip up a summer dress out of in a matter of an evening.

My shopping spree for ‘me-ish’ pregnancy attire, was actually before I was pregnant.  It was a leap of faith telling the Lord, I wanted to do this thing for Him, and bring another little one to my home.  The thrift store wasn’t the cheapest, but one trip can save in and of itself by purchasing in one lump rather than a lot of nickel and diming, although I had some of that going on too.  I did find a few other stragglers at a local thrift store but those purchases were about a total of 10 dollars, and one garage sale that probably totaled about 15.

Alot of my finds were either vintage, or plus sizes I modified.  I was excited because in vintage wear you can really find modesty and personality.  PLUS sizes often give more generosity in sleeve amount and over-all length.  I just zipped up the side sleeve seam to make an arm that fit and took in the sides down to the bosom but for apparent reasons, left the extra room from the stomach down.

This black and white gingham was a plus sized capped sleeved shirt, but by sewing in the seams on the side, it made the cap sleeve longer and not able to gape open.  It costed around 3.99 thrift, I think.  The skirt I wear pre-pregnancy and its loose in the waist but that is covered, and it sits nicely under the belly through first 2 trimesters.








Here is the swim suit I designed and sewed for maternity.  I wanted to keep the sporty raglan sleeve people associate with swim shirts to help say “Swim” for my swim outfit.










I have a few flaws.  I had only a bumpy under support wear that exaggerated my size on this trip, but normally I wore a better under support system, as in the middle picture demonstrates.  One big flaw was that I had plenty of yellow fabric for the shorts, but then cut them to high water pant length and while fixing it, I had to attach white to the top by essentially wasting my material when I first cut them too long.  That white stripe attached to the top of the shorts, was covered by a yellow under portion of the top…but that white stripe sometimes peaked out, which was an unfortunate awkward feature I found myself needing to tug my shirt down to cover…you can see that white peeking out from the top in the middle picture at my seat area.  Oh well.

I got the fun glasses for like 3 dollars on-line.  The hat and glasses gave me the spunk and style I felt helped my modesty demonstrate that coverage can be stylish and happy. The fabric all together was probably 30 dollars, purchased quite a while ago.



This summer time vintage moo-moo was a favorite.  Light weight, cool, and airy.  The neck was a pinch low so I wore a t-shirt whose sleeves were cut off for a home made cami to wear with it.  I spent lots of lovely hours in the garden traipsing in this Brown Betty. ( A dessert but what fun to name this dress the Brown Betty.)  It was 3.99 or 4.99 thrifted.








This polka dotted navy polo was about 2-3 dollars thrifted.  I just had to take in the bulkier sleeve side seam down past the bosom and tapered back out to keep the stomach space.

I am wearing this with a long A-framed wide elastic waisted, very comfortable, very utility skirt, I got it at a garage sale pre-pregnancy and it works very comfortably in both stages.

There is a batch of apple jelly I put up. I also made my Christmas stocking home made candy, and froze it, thinking while the kitchen’s a mess, might as well!

This nice plaid was 2 dollars at a garage sale, and I am wearing the same utility jean skirt I just mentioned with it.











A favorite: Black and white polka dotted Thrift Store dress: 4.99-6.99 (Memory evades me.)

This black and white polka dot dress is a moo-moo supreme.  I only took in the arms because I didn’t want it tight at all on the chest and so I left it as is from the arm pit seam, down.  A belt under the bosom gives plenty of shape to the dress.  I love everything about this dress, but if I had one gripe, it would be such a high neck on a no-necker such as myself, and could be slightly more flattering with out that extra ruffle collar.  I wore it with a white cardigan, 1 dollar garage sale, and this fun black and white polka dotted jacket, found right after the baby before’s birth, and stored in the maternity box for the next pregnancy….Who would have known I was going to find the perfect matching dress?

My sister sewed this lovely top and I loved it at Christmas time and it paired so nicely with a burnt orange and ragged edged jean skirt for a great fall look.  The skirt is a fabulously comfortable winter skirt made of a sort of lined fleece but looks like sweat shirt material on the inside.  I can wear it through ALL stages of pregnancy as well as when not pregnant!  Its a simple tiered skirt with outward sewed seams, sewn with a zig zag stitch for the stretch of the fabric.  It was very simple and made with out a pattern, I just made sure the first tier would measure about 4 inches past my largest hip size which I knew to be 41- ish, and that this tier had a wide elastic so I could wear comfortably in pregnancy, but it works great in all sizes.  Also I adjust the elastic with a big saftey pin so there’s room to spare in big sizes and can be cinched in for small sizes.











 This is the same polka dotted shirt above.  I am wearing it with a boring jumper that I added some cute bows, buttons and anchors to, to make it my style.  I did this while I was waiting to get pregnant.

And here’s the previously boring jumper with some funky, spunky, and admitted, slightly frumpy, layering for warmth.









Garage sale fallish jacket, I couldn’t resist this dollar item for dressing in fall colors in the fall.  The corduroy skirt is a thrift store item from last pregnancy and the boots, too big, from a garage sale 2 dollars.  The scarf is a Super Saturday craft for 3 dollars, made from a t-shirt, worn once, then gifted to my sister for Christmas.  Had to sneak a wearing before giving.  Slightly better than being an Indian Giver, right?








Ok folks, I made this totally superfluous night gown for myself.  I know, shouldn’t flannels and a t-shirt do for pjs?  A years long dream.  I LOVE it!  Because after having my baby I have worn it days straight, it hides the post pregnancy lump…sort of well doesn’t, but I just feel prettier over the whole thing.  I totally felt I’d wasted 25 dollars on the flannel a few years ago so it was the best birthday when hubby took the kids for the day and I sewed this sweet thing.











Gray cardigan, $2, Gingham shirt, 4.99 about.

This cardigan helped me wear the gingham in the summer, fall and winter.  I zipped up the sides from sleeve and tapered the seam down just under the bosom leaving the full belly for fitting.







Another vintage treat I couldn’t say no to, for being so “Emily”.  It was found in the Halloween section and was $8 thrifted.









I had some fun wearing Christmas colors, and this cherry knit shirt I made is raglan, high modest neck with elastic neck and sleeves…used a 70’s pattern to make it loose and long…but its a summer.   So this 1 dollar pin striped green shirt was a fun warmth and Christmasy adding bonus.  In this photo I am giving Paul Bunyon a special birthday present.








That red gingham shirt above worn under a peasanty mint colored old pregnancy shirt and paired with a red gingham apron.  Love how my collar is flipped up.  This was a lovely moment singing a Christmas hymn on Christmas Eve with Riley.

And there again is my sister Mim’s shirt with a red collared shirt under, with a Christmasy apron:  And do I spy another flipped up collar?  Oh bother.










Plus a few non photoed items: White skirt, red sunday top, 2 dollars/ Nice big well covering navy coat, garage sale 6 dollars.  Warm, but not that cute.

Yes, I’ve outfitted my pregnancies before, way back at the first one…bought things here and there to supplement, inherited many hand me downs, and new additions along the way.  But I think this pregnancy was my first real only get items if I loved them, type of pregnancy.  It was fun!



Extra plush bonuses I treated myself to:

While I have treated myself necessarily to new tight underwear for my varicose vulvar veins in pregnancy, this time I bought new bras!  Ever before I have wrangled those sad sisters with thrift store and even…garage sale purchases!  I also bought a support system I thought might help even better than the underwear.

A prenatal Cradle: A gadget that wrapped my back and kept my vulvar varicose veins up and tight to reduce pain: 50 dollars.

Right after I purchased this, a friend loaned me 2 back braces, so I alternated this nifty, albeit wedgie inducing gadget, with the back braces paired with  my underwear.  The “Bali” or Barely there in 2x, or XL being the best kind if you suffer from varicose veins in that tender spot.  They don’t restrict on the belly at all but do give some lift and pressure to the tender area.

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  1. Such a fun read, Em! You are such a beautiful pregnant woman! My favorite outifts: the gingham shirt, your DARLING nightgown (I love it!) and the cute shirt your sister made you. I also love the vintage dress you have at the end. That is a really neat piece. How fun that you got to dress your style this time around and have so much fun with it. Maternity clothes can be such a drag sometimes, but you just looked on the bright side of it all and made it such a cute time of life! Do you miss your darling maternity clothes now??? 😉

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